worth overdoing

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment.  Or course I still ate popcorn for breakfast; sucks to be my hygienist I guess.  This is also a very busy week at work for me.  And I've got an impending trip, Toastmaster duties, and social functions to plan.  So there are several things that could make me worry.

But the trip to the dentist at least, was easy as pie.  I hit every green light on the way there and I had no bleeding whatsoever during the cleaning.  Woohoo!

On the way to work I had to make a quick costco stop.  Really, just 3 items.  Plus a churro on the way out of course because, well, why would I go to costco and not get a churro?

Next I needed lunch.  I still had some worries about the rest of the day so I thought about what comfort food was nearby.  What do you know, there's a Rubio's the next block over.  Burritos are always nice.  And do you realize what this means!?

That's right - the double churro!

I have never had the two side-by-side before.  This is a day to remember and cherish!  I'm sure some of you want to know so I'll tell you - the costco one is better (the top one in the picture).  But I would take either of them, any time, any place.

In fact, because of the busy work times, we had Rubio's for dinner today.  (Christine wasn't with me for lunch yesterday.)  I'd never turn that down.  And yes, I had another churro.

I think they know me now at our local Rubio's even though I don't really go that often.  They gave me my proper order (from a few that were ready) even before I presented my receipt.  She said, "the one with the churro?" and handed it over.  See, it's a good thing I chose to get a churro today, that saved me a good 2 seconds.  There used to be a guy at costco that would say "churro and a coke?" when I walked up but he has departed.

This blog is called "finding fun" and I hope you have all learned today that a day with a churro is always more fun.  Words to live by.  So say we all.