who is the lucky one?

Today my long bike ride was on the schedule and I hoped to cover 30 miles.  After yesterday's long run in the sun I was concerned.  Throughout the day yesterday I was stiff and sore and I wondered how I would fare today.  But the weekend was coming to an end so what could I do?  If I had to turn around early I would.

So I got up and drove over to Clairemont Mesa Blvd to meet my group. It was a small group today, just five of us.  It was about this time that I discovered my two water bottles were back in the refrigerator at home...and on a hot day.  Well, hot for San Diego.  It would reach high 80s in the afternoon and be about 80 during my ride.  This only increased my nervousness.

I did have a full sports bottle in my car that fit in my holster pretty well.  That's about half of what I could easily drink and it was plain water.  So I stuck it in and figured it was the best I could do.

Surprisingly, I was pedaling pretty strongly.  The bottle popped out once but I retrieved it and it stayed put after that.  Eventually I made it to my turnaround point (15 miles) and left the rest of the group.  At this point I was about out of water and in (hotter) East county.  Time to see what I was made of!  Were heat-induced headaches in my future?

I rode towards the base of the most brutal hill on the route, turned a corner and....surprise!

There she was, cuteness herself.  (Note: there's no good way to take photos during cycling)

Christine had not only noticed my lonely water bottle at home...she figured out where I was riding, calculated where I'd be and when, put on a tie dyed shirt, and came out to meet me.  What a fantastic surprise!

I gratefully accepted the cold electrolyte water from her and powered through the final 12 miles.  I finished the 30 in right around 2 hours.

Such a sweet one, she is!  As a reward I took her out for dim sum, spending about $30 on her.  Then we went out for a bit of car shopping (for me), where I will later spend about $30,000 (on me).  Once again, it looks like I got the best of this deal.  I think today my case is rock solid.