wherever the cat, this mouse will play

I have a friend who tweeted "People who complain about being a grownup are doing it wrong."  Amen, brother!  Christine and I took today (Monday) off from work so we could have three full days to find fun this weekend.

Saturday night, Christine went off to girls-only dinner and I was left home alone.  So what craziness did I pursue during my night of bachelorhood?  Check me out...

First I went to Costco to buy a couple of staples and a churro.  That's right, before dinner!  Then I headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a couple of things for Christine.  But to celebrate my independence I also bought myself a kitchen tool. Woohoo!  Then I walked next door to my favorite, Brett's BBQ.  I have something a little bit scandalous to tell you.  Christine has gotten a little tired of Brett's.  I know!  So when I had the opportunity to grab some alone you know I had to take it.

the churro in question. I know, iphone photos are crap

I was home from this travelling whirligig by 7pm.  Which is good because I was tired from the run that morning.  And my rebellious tendencies over the last hour or so also had worn me out too.  I tell you, I really know how to party.  If you are having a party anytime soon and are afraid it might be too dull, you know who to call.

When Christine got home, she brought me a slice of cake from her night out.  In a truly rare event, I was too full to finish it.  I wish you all could have seen it.  Sunday morning we slept in.  I got 9 hours. There is nothing better than that you know.  Except maybe the cake that was waiting for me for lunch.

Sunday night we had dinner with our friends Dejah and Roby.

they were so excited to get this cake they wore shirts to match

Roby is a true food and wine connoisseur.  Not like I, who thinks that anything fried or coated in sugar qualifies as ambrosia.  And yet they insisted that I pick the dinner destination.  Yikes, the pressure is on!  Good thing I had 9 hours of sleep; I needed all the mental capacity I could muster.  I suggested Urban Solace for dinner followed by Heaven Sent Desserts.  Luckily, both places were a hit.  Food photos follow...

couple of folks got salads

me with my salt/lemon crusted chicken and redeye correction

Christine and Dejah, starving but smiling

We all saved various amounts of room for dessert.  I saved the most of course.  Now dessert photos...

Peanut Butter Joy cake. I ate some of this.

My Bourbon Bread Pudding. Ate most of this.

Finally full we headed back home.  Thanks for coming out to play on a school night, guys.

As I mentioned, Christine and I took Monday off.  So we left our backpacks in the corner for one more day and slept in again.  You want to have fun weekends like me?  Start with sleep like this, it does so much for your mood.

Christine has been itching to see Iron Man 2 for a while now.  We finally made it today to the lovely IMAX theater.  On the way I was chuckling in my head about guys who are getting dragged to movies like SATC2.  Heh, Christine rocks.

If you see it, listen for this detail I caught.  Towards the end, the weaselly evil tycoon is making an announcement in which he mentions the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.  As he speaks, snippets of their official songs play in the background.  But all four are slightly altered.  I bet any military viewers' blood would start to boil at that point.

Avatar was widely regarded as leftist leaning.  (Read my thoughts about Avatar here.)  To me, IM2 was the complementary Republican movie.  That's just an observation, I'm not jumping into politics this late in the post.  Industry and the entrepreneur were glorified at the expense of government.  Except the military which comes out mostly good.  I wonder how this movie tracks among the right and left wing...

A friend of mine once told me "a great thing about being an adult is being able to eat cake for dinner" if you want to.  Amen, sister!  Now I'm going to go eat some popcorn before bed.