weirdness makes me hungry

I've noticed a couple of oddities around the office lately.  The guy who sits next to me works from home half the time.  Some coworkers took the opportunity today to redecorate his turf.  (I had nothing to do with this.)


A monitor was mounted near where I sit that displays an up-to-the minute report of...something.  I actually don't know what's on there.  What I do know is pretty frequently it displays nothing of value such as...

It's a slightly blurry login prompt. I've also seen software update wizards, screen savers, and the wrong website.

Today I went to the fourth floor and what did I find but brownies.  This is when the weirdness works for me!  Take that, improbability!  In a further display of unlikeliness, I had a use for a brownie during my Toastmasters meeting - it fit into a joke I told.  I even got laughs so wins all around.  D Adams would be proud.

Oh yeah!

Dinnertime arrived and I made one of my favorite soups.  I don't blend the kale, rather I just add it to the soup.  I also skip the sage because Christine hates it.  Otherwise I make it about as is.  Any time step one says "roast two heads of garlic" you know it's a good start.  Also, there's this...

When you've got to saute two sets of onions, that's a good thing no matter what some family members of mine might say.

This is the first time I actually bought the called-for pancetta.  I really don't know my pancetta from prosciutto from bresaola, etc.  I'm not a good Italian; heck I'm a natural blonde.  OK, I was at one time.

Previously I used ham instead but now I realize bacon would have been a closer substitution.

The meats: Pancetta and Henry's sausage

Are simmering pictures fun?  It simmered for a while so it seems like it should be represented.

The finished product.  So yummy!

Finally, today was my coworker Erica's last day.  Erica is a sharp cookie and you can never have too many of those around.

She decided that travelling around the world was more fun than working with us weirdos.  Hard to believe, huh.  Despite my presence and popcornian odors, there are some fun people at my company.  But off she went anyway, despite my fun shirts.  Have good travels, E!

off to see even crazier shirts