turns out you can't pirate sausages, no matter how far you run

Yesterday was our club's longest run of the season in preparation for the half (or full) marathon.  I happened to run the distance of a half marathon yesterday.  It took me 2:01:15.  The real race will be a bit slower because of the crowds.  I'm guessing I'll finish in about 2:15.  Whatever time I get it will be a personal record, ha!  So no pressure on me.

Cool how I was able to pick it up the last mile, eh?

Not much more I can say about this run.  The weather was good and cloudy but the scenery was -- not that scenic.  You'll see in the pictures below.  So let's have some fun today!

A few years back we went to Balboa Park for an International Food Festival.  What could be better that trying a bunch of ethnic food, we asked?  We were both disappointed and entertained to find out that "International Food" really meant 24 different kinds of sausage.  I love sausage but it's just not what I was expecting.  Here are a few of the sausages we undoubtedly had that day.

Lorna, Jen and Rick are enthused early.

Are you a pirate?  Do you like being a pirate?  The term, when it was originally applied to people who stole media, was meant to convey a lawless thief.  But these days pirates are cool, current events near Somalia notwithstanding.  Nope, pirates are sexy.  After all, who doesn't want to hang out in drag with Johnny Depp?  (Or corsets for you ladies.)  Now content producers are sad that they didn't choose a different term.  They say "they may have created a monster by using the term 'piracy.'"

In some countries, there is a Pirate political party which concerns itself with the free distribution of information.  For instance, the Australian Pirate Party has taken up the cause of making sure euthanasia information is widely disseminated to seniors.  I think I might know a guy in my Socrates Cafe club who is a member, seriously.

Team in Training was also out on the same route so we saw plenty of purple

I have mentioned on here that I've visited the local church The Rock.  They have a running group that Christine and I are going to check out after our race.  I spoke to a member there and she said their book of ministries and activities looks like a phone book.  I wonder if they offer MMA?

Not that I'm interested obviously, but I've heard it's become a trend.  One proponent of the concept said, "compassion and love... we believe in all that stuff. but what lead me to christ is that he's a fighter." I can't come up with funnier jokes so I'll borrow the commentary from the folks on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me.

"You can proclaim devotion to the prince of peace by beating the living crap out of each other!"
"You can turn the other cheek and then come back with a powerful roundhouse to his!"

We crossed paths with the full marathon folks who ran 21 miles!

Tonight we're headed out to the wonderful Urban Solace for dinner with our friends Roby and Dejah.  I suggested Urban Solace for dinner.  In no sense was that because it is right around the corner from Heaven Sent Desserts.  Noooooo!  As always, look for pictures in the next day or two.

Apparently there are always special events coming to Carlsbad!

Hope you all had a great weekend!