the wheels keep on rollin

Yesterday I finally got to take my new bike out for a roll.  I bought it a couple of weeks ago but I had to wait to finish my race before I started the triathlon training.  So how did it go?  All-in-all, quite good.

We'll start with the good.  The bike itself is fantastic.  It's way lighter than my previous bike.  I felt so powerful on it.  I've never had the clip pedals before and I loved them.  All the warnings about how hard they are to get out of seemed overblown.  Maybe my pedals have a particularly easy release.

It is a tri bike rather than a road bike.  Which means the frame leans more forward.  I was able to lean forward on the funky handlebars comfortably and easily.  All the components work nicely.  Braking and shifting was smooth.  The ride (on the titanium frame) was nice.

Christine's shadow caught an action shot

So what wasn't as nice?  Not much.  I felt discomfort in two areas.  My neck got tired as I was leaning over.  I imagine those muscles will get stronger / more flexible.  And I may get a new seat.  Bike seats are a personal choice, everyone likes a different one.  After one ride I'm not so sure about this one. I'll give it a couple more chances.  My quads did start to burn after a few miles but they'll get stronger.

Contemplating the coming food

Stats were:
13.26 miles
49 minutes
16.1 mph

I'm sure I'll speed up over time. My next ride is Wednesday and my first swim is tomorrow.  Look for the swim report soon!