the naming

Remember when I ran the Red Dress Run? That event is put on by the Hash House Harriers which is a drinking and running group.

When I heard about red dress I knew I wanted to do it. But a drinking/running group? I'm not much of a drinker, especially beer. Gross! But I'm tough (as long as we're not talking actual, physical strength) and I thought I'd visit a local club and see what's what.

The red dress run was my 5th run with the group. If you go 6 times, they induct you into the club and give you a goofy (usually sophomoric) nickname.  But I was so close! I knew I needed to visit again and see how bad the hazing is when you join. Hint, I had to drink beer. :-s

hares are away

Here's how the club works. Everyone arrives at the meeting spot and the run leaders, called "hares," take off to finish marking the trail that we have to find and follow.  My buddies Ryan and Monica were hareing this run which is why I made this night my 6th run.

gathering and chatting

Along the way, a couple of the veterans started asking me for interesting, or better yet embarrassing stories.  Uh oh.  I honestly don't have many embarrassing stories.  I'm a "keep it under control" kind of guy which doesn't lend itself to that kind of thing.  But they warned me if I didn't give them something to work with they'd give me a horrifying and rude name.  So the rest of the run I was nervously thinking...

we're away too

Four miles later, we arrived at the bar. After everyone settles in, the questions started again about my embarrassing stories.  Here's what I came up with:

  • I've never dated a white girl - they loved this
  • My favorite 80s song (off the top of my head) is Our House and favorite 80s movie is Strange Brew.  Not sure why this was so interesting to them.
  • My first car was a 79 grey Chevy Van - so gloomy!
  • I claimed I have the same birthday as Snoop Dog.  In fact, a friend of mine has the same birthday as Flavor Flav so I stole that one.  Exaggeration is the name of the game at this point.

running through nature

The hashers decided they had enough to work with and sent me away while they came up with name candidates.  I hoped it was a name I could tell my friends and coworkers.  You just never know.  For instance, one guy had two transmissions go out on his car withing a couple of months.  His hash name was "blows trannys."  Gulp.

...up hills

Finally we got together for ceremony time.  Many creative awards were conceived of and handed out on the spot. The winners "got" to drink beer.  When they were done with those they called me up and had the crowd vote on my name from the candidates.  I hadn't heard them yet and was extremely nervous.  And the winner was Lady Boy Layaway.  It doesn't really mean anything, it just rolls off the tongue and is vaguely insulting.  And at that point I had to drink some beer from a plastic cup without using my hands.

...and into a watering hole

And I'm in!  And I'm pretty pleased with my name. As a non-drinker, I won't likely ever be a regular hasher.  But I do like the spirit of the group in a lot of ways.  They aren't afraid to be goofy, people from all walks of life are accepted, and they are all into fitness.  So I'll keep in touch and will absolutely plan to head out to Red Dress 2012.