the asian food club finale

Several months ago, my friend Shannon mentioned she had never been to my favorite Chinese restaurant in San Diego - Dumpling Inn.  As Shannon is 1/2 Chinese I thought this was scandalous and immediately started making plans to go there with her and her husband.  Next thing I know a few other friends had caught wind of this and wanted to tag along.  It's understandable, I'd try and tag along to Dumpling Inn too.

(story continues between photos)

the early birds at our latest outing

We all loved the food and had a great time.  So we decided to get together again as a group.  A date was picked, a couple more friends joined in and we met for some Vietnamese at Pho Cow Cali.  More good times ensued and we decided to make it a regular thing.  We dubbed it the Asian Food Club.  Everyone liked it so much that they got on me if I was slow scheduling the next meeting.

Christine's dish, as good a focus as I got on it anyway

and my noodles

I had more good Asian destinations to share so everyone was happy.  We went to Punjabi TandoorYakyudori (Christine's recap here) and then started talking about branching out to an Ethiopian place.  That never materialized but luckily a pretty good Thai place opened up nearby so we went there on Wednesday.  And right next door was Yogurt World.  Yum!

yogurt time

But eventually I faced a quandary.  I have no more great Asian places to take everyone.  Sure, there's Sushi Ota.  I've never been but have no doubt it's fantastic.  We could blindly try new places.  But instead I decided to retire the Asian Food Club.  Sometimes it's best to quit while on top.

Randy realizes he didn't get enough yogurt after seeing mine

But don't worry.  We have re-branded and relaunched.  My friend Maria has helped fire up the San Diego food club; we are already debating our first destination.  Now that we've opened up the parameters and gotten some more voices involved, I foresee more culinary adventures ahead.