that guy is crazy

A lot of people tell me I am a crazy fitness guy.  Here is the schedule I am following to train for my first half Ironman.

  1. Sunday: long bike (worked my way up from 40 to 55 miles which takes me about 3 1/2 hours)
  2. Monday: off
  3. Tuesday: lap swim, usually 2000 yards, about 40 minutes
  4. Wednesday: 2 miles on the treadmill and some weight training, about 1 hour
  5. Thursday: lap swim or masters class. Plus 45 minutes of "hills" on the bike machine
  6. Friday: off
  7. Saturday: long run (worked from 5 miles to 10, I run about 7mph)

Does that make me "crazy?"  It all depends on where you sit.

It seems like all the time I run into others who do more than me.  If we include friends of friends I know of people who have done Badwater, Western States, the San Diego 100, the Race Across America, and more.

I think blog posts without photos are boring.  I'm going to intersperse photos of things I've cooked recently.

panko-crusted salmon - a good weeknight dish from CL I happened to cook to perfection this time

Aside from those really exceptional folks I know plenty of marathon runners which is a distance I have never run.  Not to mention those who have completed full Ironman races.  I know people who've done Boston and Kona.  I seek advice from swimmers who are much stronger than me and do things like go for a 2-mile ocean swim with regularity.  I know people who do crossfit and p90x every day.  Heck, even the people I swim with jump on the treadmill afterwards when I go home and take a shower.

Sometimes I feel like an underachiever rather than a crazy fitness guy.

spring vegetable pasta - a surprise winner from ATC, loved this

This reminds me of driving.  People who drive faster than you are "crazy" and those that drive slower are "idiots."  And those who drive the same speed as you can get in your way so they become "annoying."

This language helps us dismiss those other drivers as inferior.  It's partly an emotional response.  Yes, very fast and very slow drivers can be dangerous.  But I believe part of the response is the same thing we do when watching reality TV, put down others to feel better about ourselves.

pesto alla trapanese - a solid dish that comes together quickly from ATC

When people look at my schedule and say I'm "crazy" I don't think they are calling me inferior.  But they are calling me different.  They are emotionally separating from me.  In their minds I have become something other.  I do the same thing when I talk about full Ironman participants or those who run Badwater.

Why do we do this?  Well it's a shorthand way of saying, "I don't want that."  If I think hard about it, I really don't want to train for Badwater.  But rather than thinking about my fitness level and/or weight, the improvements I would like to see thereof, and whether training for Badwater would help me get's easier to just say "he's crazy."

spicy turkey tacos - an all-time fave from CL

I have faced similar thinking in other areas.  Such as when I used to play music out and people told me I am "so talented" (as if I never practice).  But I'll stop here, I've made my point for today.  Taking a trip into other minds is one of my favorite hobbies.  I hope you enjoyed this foray with me.

the most banana-y banana bread ever - delicious by ATC