saw a pattern

I was entering my receipts into Quicken the other day and I realized I've been out eating a lot of great food recently.  Both familiar favorites and nice newcomers are represented.

The only bad thing is so few photos were taken during all of this dining. I guess when the food is so good we forget to whip out the cameras. We are hanging our heads in shame! Well, I am, let me check... Yep, Christine is too.

Here's the rundown:

5/15 Isabel's Cantina A really fantastic breakfast after a 12 mile run (thanks, Shannon...very kind of you after I had just led you astray). Will return.
5/16 Urban Solace and Heaven Sent Desserts (with Roby and Dejah) Delicious, fun, and detailed previously.
5/17 Tang's Thai Kitchen Always reliable Thai next door to the Poway Target. Probably the best food for miles around.
5/22 Takhrai Thai Prepares an excellent version of Crispy Mock Duck Salad which I love.
5/23 Tender Greens (with Monika and David) Had heard nice things and they were all well-deserved. Monika liked it so much she returned a couple of days later.
5/24 Passage To India Usually a bit wary of Indian buffets because they often crank the spices down to appeal to the masses. No complaints about this place though.
5/27 Chile Peppers The best carnitas burrito in the world. Trust me.
5/29 Opera Cafe (with Roby and Dejah) Took a chance on a new place and for the price it was outstanding. Couple photos below.
5/29 Bombay (with Sally) My 2nd favorite Indian place in San Diego.
5/30 Hilcrest Farmers' Market Ate lunch, cake (see below) and purchased produce for future meals.

And this is just the eating out. I've been cooking too. That will be detailed in my next post.

black forest cake straight from the farm

Roby and Dejah enjoying the Opera Cafe...and a taste or two of wine

smirking because I stole a bite of Christine's cookie