recent doings

Christine has a lovely blog.  If you want to know what's happening in my life, that's where you should look.  Here at my blog you will usually find things I find humorous or interesting.  But this post is different.  I've done a few things solo recently and thought I should mention them here.

Last week I visited the local Socrates Cafe - after about a year's absence.  Sadly, the group did not address my question which I thought was a good one.  But the discussion was pretty fruitful.  The topic was "Is Ignorance Bliss?" and the conversation ranged wildly from there.  Are we talking about knowledge or wisdom?  Is there a minimum level of self-awareness needed to escape ignorance?  What is bliss and how does it differ from happiness?  You get the idea.  My idea that a certain level of courage is needed for self-awareness was well received.  As was my explanation of the difference between experience and wisdom.  Less well-received was my challenge to the idea that bliss can't be analyzed.  Personally I don't think anything is beyond examination.

The week before that I went to training for my Toastmasters role of Vice President-Education.  I've held this role before and didn't think I really needed the training.  But I was pleasantly surprised by the end of the night.  Now I just need to find some time to create new member and new mentor packets.  Hopefully that will help with newbie retention.

A couple of days before that I met with a couple of musicians for a jam session.  I haven't played in a band for a couple of years now.  So when a new coworker of mine was talking about starting a group I thought it would be fun to give it a look.  I enjoyed playing with the two of them (a husband and wife formerly of the bands Film School and Dreamtiger).  But I think I may need to go bandless a little bit longer.  I have a lot of activities right now: triathlon training, social time, and generally finding summer fun.  If I added a band to the mix something would have to give.

A few smaller things.  I finally got an invite to Google Plus, I saw the last Harry Potter in IMAX, and volunteered to be the Team Coordinator for the San Diego Bark for Life.  That last one is not so small and I'll blog about that later.

I've been going back in time, but I'll finish by mentioning the future.  I signed up today with my buddy Ryan to do the SoCal Tough Mudder event in February.  Hope I finish!