playin on a weeknight

Thursday we finally got to hang out with our friends Pete and Cassandra again.  Pete's been doing some moonlighting lately which has kept us apart.  We're happy he was able to finish that up to relax and slum it with us for a night.

this time we met drummer-and-vocalist extraordinaire Evan as well

It's true, this was our second Rock Band/dinner play-time this week.  We're quite the social animals at the moment.

I met Pete when I played in a local band (he did too).  He so kindly agreed to come play at an American Cancer Society fundraiser on 6/26/10.  San Deigans, come out and hang with us!  Lots of my local favorites also graciously agreed to come play.  It will be a blast.  It's also the day after our anniversary and I promise not to be too disgustingly sweet with Christine.

When we arrived, there was already a spread ready for us.  Did I mention this was a Thursday?  These two are something else!

going clockwise: nom, nom, nom, and oh yes, nom

Both Pete and Cass cook but it was Pete's turn tonight.  He lost the recipe of an old favorite he was planning on preparing.  But he improvised beautifully to make Chicken Piccata.

I never realized Pete lived on the wild side like this (I fear to bare my feet for those who don't know)

While stuffing ourselves, we enjoyed the great company.  Pete has story after story to tell.  He's had quite the range of experiences.  I made a few up to try and fit in. ;)

Pete and I tried to convince Cass that he should buy a new road bike.  If we succeeded then I might have another biking partner so now you know my motivation.  Though at my current level he could probably keep up with me on his touring bike.

After dinner we watched the end of the Lakers' game 7 victory.  Ah, what could have been with my Cavs...  Then it was on to the band silliness.

I took a turn at screaming

We haven't had cats for a few years, so it's always fun to visit a cat family.

Christine lures Syd Vicious with a treat...Syd does not live up to his middle name

with a little nudging, Fuzz Bucket joins the fun...he quickly ran off again

Thanks, Evan for putting up with so many boring adults.  And thanks, Pete and Cassandra for the lovely food and hospitality.  We will do our best to return the favor!