pics n thoughts

Let's do this one again.  A few short thoughts interspersed with recent pictures.

If I have to name my #1 favorite TV show ever, I think it would be The Wire.  One of the writers on that show died recently.  I have been reading and enjoying his blog for a few years now.  This is probably the closest I've felt to a celebrity death.  After all, in reading his blog, I know him in a sense.  Thanks for all you gave us Mr Mills.

Transport, ok. Why protection?

Isn't this odd.  According to this list of the "top jobs in America" I have the 12th best job.  My sister has the second best job (physician's assistant).  Christine's is 21st.  And #1?  Systems Engineer.  You know, those guys who wear pagers and have to rush in to work at 3am when the email server goes down.  That's a little hard to believe.  Well, I'm sure I could find lists where my career comes out better and worse both.

A rollerblade mishap.

Finally, why you can't trust Facebook photos.  Too funny.