origin story

I've been asked... Todd, why the popcorn habit?  Did you have some kind of fiber problem that only yellow grains can cure?  (If you are new to the world of Todd and wonder what I'm talking about, I eat popcorn nearly every day for breakfast.)  Well it started like this...

On college football Saturdays, I make a double batch!

I used to work in a building with a kitchenette near the entrance but no offices or cubes nearby.  Why do I start this story with architecture?  Because, the distance of that kitchenette and its Coke machine made it something of an event to go there.  Two of my non-coffee-drinking buddies and I started ritualistically heading over every morning for a Coke and male bonding.

One morning (I'd say this was about 1996) it was time to go over and I noticed I was quite hungry.  Thinking on my feet, I grabbed a bag of microwave popcorn before we headed over.  Boy did that ever hit the spot.  The next morning, recognizing my good idea from the day before I did it again.  Pretty soon, I was doing it every morning.

A recent football game purchase.

This was great, but throughout my childhood the popcorn always came from an air popper like this one.  At first I was concerned about bringing one of these to work (they are noisy).  But eventually, the desire for more and healthier popcorn won out.  A batch from one of those machines (1/2 cup unpopped) makes about twice as much popped corn as a microwave bag.  And because it uses only hot air to pop the corn, what comes out is pure vegetable.  Microwave and other methods usually cook in oil which is obviously more fattening.

That football popcorn is the most expensive I've ever purchased.

Of course I do top it with a little butter and salt.  But I'd say 2 teaspoons of butter is all I use.  Recently I got a tip to use half butter and half olive oil to make it even healthier which I do.

People always ask me if I've tried this flavor or that.  By now I've tried most of them.  But in the end, I like the salty popcorn with a Coke best.  Well, I like caramel corn the best but the calories in there make it a rare treat.

An aside, why do women wear shoes like this to a football game?

Finally, some folks are still amazed that I eat the stuff every day - and in the morning to boot.  I'm amazed that people eat eggs and doughnuts and coffee myself.  But anyway, to those I offer this story.

One time, a researcher asked a sample group of subjects how they would approach the following scenario...  Let's say you won a free dinner once in each of the next four months from your favorite restaurant.  But you have to let them know what you will eat right now.  Your favorite dish at the restaurant is the salmon.  Your second favorite is the halibut and third favorite the crab.  What do you tell them?

Most folks requested the salmon twice and the crab and halibut once each.  But in fact, most people would be happier with the salmon (their favorite) every time.  People's enjoyment of things like food decrease with frequency of consumption but for most people, a month is a sufficient layoff to reset their desire for the salmon.  But they aren't picking their meal every month, they are picking them all at one time.  So the mind plays tricks and makes the participants think they desire more variety than they actually would.

Well it turns out for me, it doesn't take a month.  For something I really like I can eat it every day.  Look for me and my big white bowl tomorrow at about 9:30am.