obsessive focus

This post is the result of some self-reflection during yesterday's run.  Naturally, the pictures will be interspersed.

I could live in solana beach

I have always had a lot of energy.  I am not much of a multitasker.  Instead, I have intense bursts of focus.  I single-mindedly think about one issue or relationship for a period (or burst) of time.  Then I am on to the next thing.  During those bursts I like to go as deep as I can.  Minutia really gets me going.  And once I've gathered that knowledge, I love to share it.

facing north from the same spot as the last photo

If you are a local friend this will probably sound familar.  After eating out, have I ever sent you an email with links to everything we talked about?  Or out of the blue have I sent you three emails in rapid succession about different topics.  That is emblematic of how I flow.

and just down the road a bit more

When I am multitasking it is usually a half-hearted effort to procrastinate.  I try to do it because I am having trouble focusing on the main task.  When I've got a good flow going, I can easily ignore distractions.  This is why my ticket queue at work sometimes grows tremendously.  Sorry, Mark.

it was a windy day

This focus can interfere with being a good husband.  If I am in the zone and Christine wants to tell me something I have to decide if I should abandon my focus and really pay attention to what she is saying.  Or not.  As she can attest, I've done both.

with nice poofy clouds

Despite that, I like and cultivate this property in myself.  I think it makes me productive and happy.

the surf gliders were out today

In Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point he describes a similar kind of person but in a different context.  He calls them mavens.  Part of what Gladwell calls a maven is someone who picks up on new trends quickly and spreads them around.  I'm not sure about the "new trends."  But the rest of that, those who gather information and love sharing it with others, that fit's me to, well, a T.

wind makes for fun hairstyles

Here's a conversation I love to have...

You: I'm confused about this issue/technology/way things work.
Me: Let me tell you just what to do...

When I was working through this in my head I thought I had more to say.  I guess not.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  And now I'm going to go focus intently on making cake!  Tomorrow's post is already written so check back soon.