not-so-free time

Been pretty busy lately doing the programming assignment for the Advanced Developer. It's taken away several of my hours during the last week or so.  I hope to finish it up this weekend. Then I have an essay test on Friday and a month-long-or-so wait while it is graded. Hopefully then I'll join a pretty small group (so far) of certified folks.

But I did get out a couple of times today. First to run in the morning... as I arrived I saw my pace group in the parking lot. But by the time I left the car they were gone!  For some reason they decided to leave 5 minutes early.  So I ran with the "New York" group which is faster than mine.  I figured I could handle it for four miles.

A bunch of strangers.  Cool hair, you in the teal!

There are lots of nice views along the bay where we ran today.  Per usual for San Diego.

I ran about 8:30/mi pace which is speedy for me.  I'm usually more like 9:30.  I'm pretty sure I left a few tracks of fire.

Then in the evening we went to the wonderful Tofu House and tried to catch Avatar. Sadly, the visuals were making Christine dizzy so we bailed out pretty early. Maybe I'll try again on my own later. Anyone in SD want to go?

Yesterday we had an all-hands meeting at work.  It was the usual, introduce new folks, go over financials, talk new-year-strategy.  Etc.

None of my coworkers realized I snapped this photo of them.

This meeting was different though in that it ran into lunchtime.  Sounds horrifying at first but then they brought out the brownies and all was forgiven.  (And forgotten too...all I really remember at this point was lots of sugar.)

That's the stuff.

Time for sleep and then lots of programming!  See you next the week.