making the work go faster

I've gotten a couple of new toys at work lately.  First off, a new laptop.

big brother is on the right

The new laptop has a 17" screen with full HD (1920x1200) resolution.  Man, that rocks.  It's about 75% extra dots.  I can't tell you how much that real estate helps me.  Productivity and beauty both.  I'm also able to run VMWare now without turning my machine into a dog which is nice.  It was so bad before that I didn't do it.  (I need Windows for a few things including Microsoft SQL Server Studio.)  One time I ran VMWare, processed video with iMovie, and did other work without noticing a slowdown.

I migrated using Apple's time machine and was quite impressed.  I plugged an external drive into the old system and let it go for about 90 minutes while I still worked.  Then plugged it into the new guy and let it go about half that.  At that point, I was up and running.  A far cry from the reinstall and reconfigure everything I go through on a Windows upgrade.  Here's a list of some things that migrated properly.

  • Data
  • Applications
  • Shell extensions
  • System and application settings
  • Browser history

And a few things didn't.

  • VMWare wouldn't run until I reinstalled it
  • My FTP client was missing a dependency - but it prompted me to install it with one click
  • My iPhone still won't be recognized or sync with the new guy. I reset to factory and it recognized it but then threw errors.  I gave up on this one.  You'd think this is one thing that would work.

I've enumerated my Mac complaints before and they still vex me but the migration was very nice.  Credit where credit is due, right.

And that's not all.  My boss got himself an iPad and I got his Kindle DX as a hand-me-down.  I've been loving it.

the great dane and chihuahua of readers

Christine, of course has a Sony eReader which is the smaller one above.  And with that, I'm off to read myself to sleep.  Have a good week!