making a plan

I planned out my triathlon training schedule tonight.  My goal is an Olympic distance Triathlon which is
1.5k swim (0.9 mi)
40k bike (24.9 mi)
10k run (6.2 mi)

I started with this plan that Christine found for me.  Tonight I thought about how I want to customize the plan to fit me and my schedule.

My biggest variation: My running base is plenty strong for a 10k.  Hopefully 1 run a week plus plenty of cross training will not cause my running strength to erode.  I swapped in a weight training session for the short run.  I don't want to give up weights entirely.

After that it was just moving days around to what I think works best.  I found a San Diego Biking meetup group that I'll start out doing bike rides with.  Safety in numbers you know.  Plus some camaraderie.  Unless they think I'm a freak of course.

Here's what I came up with.








Long Bike Off Long Swim Weights Short Swim Off Long Run
80-155 minutes ~20-40 miles 40-77 minutes 24-46 minutes 40-77 minutes ~4-8 miles
Short Bike
48-77 minutes ~12-18 miles
Bike with group Bike with group sometimes with the Rock Runners

Sunday (6/6) is the half marathon.  I'll take the next week off and probably take the bike out for a spin the following weekend.  I'm sure I'll have plenty to say after that as well as after my first swim!  See you out on the roads.