love a good prank

I did not pull any April Fool's jokes this year but I do love a good prank.

Here are some of the top online April fools jokes from this year.  My favorite was the guy who comes to wave at you whenever you have a new Google Wave.

Better yet are the top 10 harmless geek pranks that you can actually do.  The BSOD screensaver would be fun.  But the randomized Firefox extension is my favorite.  You've been Rickrolled!

One prank group decided that it would be fun to razz the Twitterati.  So one of them dressed up as the twitter bird and brought havoc to a conference where the Twitter CEO was speaking.  Moderately funny video to watch if you click through.

In other goofiness, entertainment content producers are lamenting that the term pirate has become too much fun.  The initial implication was that these are thieves.  But these days, who doesn't want to cavort around saying "Avast!" and hanging with Johnny Depp and/or Keira Knightley?

I saw the following van the other day and wondered who it was that needs protection?

And a couple of days later I had a sock mishap.

I have more but think it's time for a goofy links post again.  I'll do that tomorrow.