like a dog

I've had a hard couple of weeks. We rolled out a big project on Monday and I didn't finish until late this afternoon. This after a marathon coding weekend and a couple of busy weeks. I even took our corporate web site down for a half hour today just to add to the fun.

But now it's done and I feel good. I literally did all I could, as fast as I could and with as much perseverance as possible. When it comes to problem solving, persevering and keeping a level head are the best qualities you can have IMO. And other than the half hour today that I made a silly mistake which took down our site, that was me. Also, I was pretty tired by today which probably contributed to the mistake.  Now I can rest, take more pictures, and blog more.

Let's intersperse my work-related thoughts with food I've cooked lately.

Forgot to take a good picture after adding the parmesan

Speaking of my job, we recently had our annual reviews.  This year, the senior leadership team heard the reviews of all 115 employees from each employee's direct manager.  I bet that was boring.  But I guess they want to know what's happening down in the weeds.  My review was positive so I can't complain about this development.

We also heard the results of the employee satisfaction survey.  The company scored 80% engagement which is well above average.  Engagement here means people have bought in to the company mission, aren't thinking about moving on, that kind of thing.

I was surprised.  I am happy with things but it seems to me that some departments have it rougher than mine.  A former coworker of mine (he moved away) was featured on NPR a couple of days ago talking about the difficulties finding jobs these days.  So maybe with the "jobless recovery" some people are just happy to be employed.

This is not split-pea soup.  It is fantastic.

These satisfaction results reminded me of a thought I had last time I was out interviewing.  I always asked my interviewers what is it they like about their companies.  Without fail they replied they liked the people they worked with, they have a strong team.

So does every company have a strong team?  I don't think so.  I suspect what is going on is some kind of tribalism.  People tend to like who they work with if they stay with a job.  Even the annoying guy becomes "our" annoying guy.  It's also probably a stock answer which is part of the interview game.

And what do I learn from this?  Those other folks at not-my-company are probably alright if I give them a chance.  I should trust others and give them the benefit of the doubt a little bit more.

Off to a blissful sleep...