last of 39

I haven't written a "what I did today" post in forever. It's as if I've abdicated that duty to Christine.  She is very good at it.  In fact, after reading this, or better yet, instead of reading this, you can see her documentation of my birthday and my birthday party.

But February 4th is worth me putting pen to paper or whatever we call it these days.  My family was in town and it was the last day of my 30s.  Christine was at work so I could not rely on her this time.  So here I go!

My dad knows someone (did you ever notice all good stories start this way?) who works at the (world famous) San Diego Zoo.  All of us, even my sister Amy, got up early to meet her before she was headed off to her own Mexican vacation so she could pass us a couple of free tickets.  Thank you, Jennifer!

After a Bread & Cie stop to clear out their brownie supply, we rolled into Balboa Park.  It's been a good five years since I've been to the zoo so it was fun to renew acquaintances.  Back then I did not have my lovely Canon T2i, so let's see how that went...

koalas are a highlight these days

meerkats are hilarious and always active unlike most zoo animals

Amy imitates the flamingos

the rhino found an odd way to relax

the African elephant shows off for the kids

gorilla feet

Part of our time was on a guided bus tour.  The best part of that of course was the guide who has been at the zoo for 15 years plus has been on several research safaris.  Lots of insights and history.  BTW, our free tickets included free admission to this tour.  Score!  (Monika, you are rubbing off on me.)

On the bus I sat next to a Chinese man and his son, maybe 2 1/2 years old.  That was fun because the kid kept spouting the animal names, many of which I knew or could a zebra was some kind of horse.

Back in June, Christine and I toured a Balboa park museum and then hopped in the car to drive to Cucina Urbana only to find it was about 3 blocks away.  So on this day I thought we could walk over from the zoo.  Well, from the zoo it was more like a mile.  And we were hungry when we left!  Oh well, I guess it was brownie-eating karma.

yummy nomz

I'm going to jump to the next day for a minute.  I've been loving my bike but have been sore every time I ride for more than an hour.  The experienced riders said I should get a "bike fitting."  That's when you spend $50-100 for a guy to measure the dimensions and angles of you and your bike and suggests alterations.  I thought it was a scam so I never had gotten one.  But all this soreness made me reconsider.

So my family said they'd buy me a fitting for my birthday and off to the store we went.  Was it worth it?  Uh, kinda.  I didn't go to a triathlon-specific shop and that might have been a mistake given I own a tri bike.  They told me that it was not going to happen and suggested I get a road bike.  On the plus side, they stopped me from spending $150 on a new seat.

I'm going to do some more research into this issue and will blog about my findings another day.

is this really going to be worth it?

"you don't quite fit, i suggest eating more brownies so you can look more like [redacted]"

easier to get a photo of me riding with my bike not actually moving

Anyone still here?  Back to 2/4.  I have a few more shots of Balboa Park for you to enjoy.  See you next time when I get more abstract again.  Or maybe goofy.

this was actually in the zoo

the obligatory shot of the botanical garden

thought the arch made a neat frame

it was a lovely blue San Diego day, a nice respite for the visiting Ohioans


resting by the fountain and a bike trickster