keep on rollin

When your birthday falls on a Friday, the whole weekend becomes a celebration. And when a belated "happy birthday" arrives on Monday, a whole extra day of fun begins!  My company brings balloons, candy and signage to the birthday folks. It's a cool enough thing that I signed up to be a part of the committee that doles out the goods.

Sadly, the previous Friday (a week before the day we celebrated the Todd) I had a mishap regarding someone else's birthday.  That same day I had a certification test scheduled and I didn't put 2+2 together until it was too late.  So I trudged in his office at 3PM (almost time for him to get out and celebrate) and apologized.  He was very gracious.  So on my Friday, karma paid me back when no decorations came my way.  However, today we kept the party (and the sugar) going!

My boss will end up eating most of this - he can never resist!

Let's keep this post lighthearted and have some laughs, shall we.

  • This hilarious list is just like the Amex commercials that I love!  I like the lint licker too, but the Amex faces are my favorite.
  • If you don't know how news works, your education can be complete in only two minutes.
  • The world's craziest staircases.
  • A Memphis minister has started a mixed-martial arts ministry.  Allow me to steal some jokes from Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me as I'm not as funny as Neil.  You can "proclaim devotion to the Prince of Peace by beating the living crap out of each other."  You can "turn the other cheek and then come back with a powerful roundhouse to his."  I see the group's slogan is Where Feet, Fist, and Faith Collide.  Perfect!  That one's going in my Christian comedy newsletter -- since I don't think many of those recipients have caught on to my blog.  I should introduce them to Ric Romero!

See you next time.  Dare I make the next one an Apple/Windows post?  I just might.