is commitment fun?

As you know, this blog is all about the fun stuff that I find in life. This morning as I was sticking with my plans to go for a run despite the obstacles I kept running into, I was thinking if the story belonged on my blog at all. But as the day progressed, I realized it totally does. Read on to find out why...

I got up early to find a text stating that my running buddy wasn't able to make it out.  Should I just jump back into bed? It looks wonderful... no, I'll carry on; I need the miles.

I decided to try a new starting location.  I parked by Torrey Pines Park.  North from there is a huge hill, so I figured I'd run south.  Oh, there's a huge hill there too.  Ah well, I had already parked and I can take it right?

As I got out of the car, I noticed it was extra cold. I didn't realize it was going to be low 40s this morning. My running apparel consists of shorts and t-shirts.  Living in this warm weather climate, I don't normally have a need for long/warm running garments.  That reality, while normally great, did not work in my favor this morning.  With the wind whipping by I was downright cold.

I made it extra blue to help make my point.

Notice the wind and the waves.

OK, so it was cold.  Did I mention the hill?

Looking back from partway up the hill.

That start was quite an assault to my system.  The short woman zipping by me didn't really help with my motivation.  But eventually I warmed up and started to enjoy the surroundings.

The trail part of the run with the ocean on the left.

Around another corner.

After the miles were done, I headed to work and the showers and soon realized I had forgotten to shave before I left.  To everyone who saw me today, sorry about that.

There's a sign in the locker room that asks us to keep our showers to 5 minutes or less.  Right.  I was going to get warmed up!  They got the last laugh though because the lights turned out automatically after about 10 minutes.  Plus there is an automatic fragrance dispenser that makes periodic creepy noises.  It gets me every time.

But morning runs do a couple of great things.  (1) I feel more energetic throughout the day and (2) well, it burns calories.  Both came in handy today because I had both lunch and dinner scheduled out with friends.  Eating out is not the only way I was a calorie overachiever today.  My friend Cassandra made cookie/crafty Valentine treats for her department mates. Very cute - doesn't it remind you of elementary school? She saved one bag for me because of my recent birthday.

A little more pink than is normal for me. But yummy and appreciated.

My first social engagement was a lunch with former coworkers Jessica, Terran, and Greg.  We went to En Fuego in Del Mar.  The special was blackened halibut tacos which I enthusiastically ordered.  One of the best meals I've had there in a while - yum!  Some parts of my company have seen so much turnover it was hard to provide updates to them.  It went a bit like this...Joe left...oh, you don't know Joe?...he replaced Susan, you remember her, right?

We probably get together 4-5 times a year.  I wish it could be more often.  We always have a great time!

Greg took the picture and thus was spared the humiliation of hamming it up with us.

Finally for dinner we met with our neighbors Pete & Cassandra at The Barrel Room.  Two Cassandras in one post, can you believe it?  Just a few months ago I didn't know any Cassandras!  Both of them are cheese lovers but I still accept them.

Now Pete I've know for a few years from the local music scene.  But until tonight we hadn't gotten together since he moved into our area.  I've been looking forward to this because so many of our friends live farther away which can be an impediment to weeknight fun.  This meal was also a lot of fun and by the end we were making plans to get together to cook, play music, play Rock Band, run, take pictures, eat copious amounts of buffalo wings, have technology talks, debate theology, set off fireworks,... you get the idea.  OK, I made up a couple of those.

Action shot of Cassandra's hand moving the water away from the wine samplers.  Water-->wine sleight of hand?

Anticipating the garlic fries to come!

So I made it through a full day - in part powered by my morning exercise.  Turns out sticking to my commitment did make for a day with more fun!