inaugural soup club

On Sunday my soup club met for the first time.  What is a soup club, you wonder?

I got the idea when reading an article about a meal exchange. The problem with the original idea is it was casserole-heavy.  Worse, many casseroles are big on cheese.  Ew! (or is that ewe?)  That kind of food is not in my usual rotation as you all know.  The idea percolated in my head for a while when a friend suggested I could make it work with soups.  Aha!

So I quizzed a few friends to see if anyone might be interested and I got a good response.  I surveyed the nascent group to see when we could meet and what everyone's food preferences were.  I researched soup freezing strategies. I picked some containers for us to trade with, and generally got the details organized.

Finally, it was time to actually cook and trade!

my big pile of chicken

the finished soups before they hit the freezer. yum, yum!

With my soups cooked and frozen, I was ready!  Finally Sunday came and we got together!

a few soups venture out for lableing and trading

most of the club

the left side: Cassandra with spouse Pete and Anne with grandmother

on the right: me, Roby & Jennifer

Dejah and Roby, Meera arrived after photo time :(

It was a success!  Now I get a few free nights with homecooked meals over the next month.  Then I'll cook another batch and we will do it again!