i still cook too, truly

I have noticed that I haven't posted any cooking pictures lately here in finding fun. Christine has tried to make sure standards don't slide too far. Thanks listgirl, but it's time for me to hold up my end of the bargain.

My cat has learned a new trick which will help make this look extra pretty. My cat, you ask? Yes I have a cat that I've trained to process and edit the photos I take. Really saves me some time. See...

Back on Tuesday (you know, Geek & Nerd pride day), I made a cake. It's my favorite, Cinnamon-Apple cake. This is the first time I have used my kitchen scale to make it.  Naturally it was better than ever. The only thing I changed from the recipe is I use turbinado sugar on top instead of the sugar mixture they list.   Oh, and I double the recipe and bake it in a 13x9.

1) butter and cream cheese = a good start, 2) that apple mixture is delicious already, 3) ready to bake, 4) almost didn't get a photo before it was gone

Yeah, it was a hit.  Nice photo trick too, eh?  I'll pass on your complements to my cat.

Have you ever been eating out and said, "man this shawarma is great!" I have (especially at Mama's). When I saw Cooking Light's Chicken Shawarma I had to give it a try. Wow, is it fantastic!

1) starting with a few spices, 2) look how good that meat comes out, 3) fully assembled

I don't have any tahini so I just put in some sesame seeds.  The only bad thing is I can't get decent pita bread in the regular grocery store. Next time I make this I'm going to stop by a local bakery to see if it goes better.

I have a full cooking schedule coming up. So I hit up the farmers' market on Sunday. I don't do this regularly but am always happy when I do.

the Hillcrest farmers' market will make my next few meals yummier

my shopping bags are always a hit

And with that it's time to cook dinner.  I'll try and not let this slide so much in the future!  Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.