I rarely say this - I'm glad the weekend is here

Last post I talked about finishing my certification project by Sunday. Today (Friday) I was still fixing bugs and it was due at 10:30am! But now it is submitted and I feel pretty good about it. It's clear I ran out of time and could have used a couple more days to feel perfectly secure. But unless something major slipped completely by me then what I turned in should be sufficient IMO.

So now it's the weekend and time to play! I have decided that when I don't have a story with pictures I'd include an old photo so you have something to look at. More talking after the image.

Our one and only trip to horse racing.

I'm not getting too serious tonight since it's been a very intellectual week. So here are a few things I found fun or interesting this week. I need to find some more original bullets. Listgirl, are you listening?

  • Feel like you've seen this story before when watching the news? Well I don't since I don't watch. But even I found plenty familiar in how news reports work (YouTube)
  • After repairing your mobile phone, how long should you wait before using it? Longer than this.
  • Consumer protection laws have spawned a group of like minded people some are calling credit terrorists.
  • I often say Japanese people are pretty strange. They do know how to make their geeky food though.

Time for The Soup and some sleep.