i am entertained

Thursday night I went to see a show with LA-based musician Kim Divine.  I used to play in Kim's band back when she lived in San Diego.  The last time I played with her was last March and I haven't seen her at all since then.  Also playing were a couple other of my musician buddies, Renata Youngblood and Lindsey Yung.  It's been even longer since I've seen those two.  It was great to hear all of them play and catch up afterwards.

Still one of San Diego's best venues for local music

Of course a trip to Lestat's means I get to enjoy San Diego's best chai latte

yes I did

The three of them are all good friends and played in various combinations throughout the night.  One thing I appreciated about this show is the acts flowed from one to the next without setup or break time.  When I played with Kim that was never possible because of all my equipment.

Kim, Lindsey and Renata. Renata was shaking a shaker, not picking her nose.  I got your back, sistah!

Lindsey was primary piano-based when I had seen her in the past.  But based her recent promotional materials (and this performance) it looks like she has switched exclusively to ukulele.  Given her Hawaiian roots, it is a perfect fit.  I used to read a blog that featured female ukulele players.  That blog is gone, should I take up the mantle?

Lindsey makes a rare appearance on the piano

The first time I heard Renata I remember thinking, "this is just a bit too different for me."  She is undoubtedly an original  But she grew on me and is now one of my favorites.  She likes to dance around while she plays.  I always wonder how she manages to do all three things at once.  Playing and singing simultaneously is hard enough for me.

No multitasking here, Renata lets us have it singing with Kim

Mike Ness himself gave her that shirt.  On the way to the show, a coffee-selling girl asked Renata where she could buy such a shirt for her boyfriend, Mike.  I mean, why wouldn't Mike want a Mike-ness shirt?  I want a Todd-ness shirt now!

Renata finished the show

It was difficult to get a few decent shots from the point-and-shoot in the low light.  I did alright I think (though I see now that none of my shots of Lindsey's set came out.)  There was a guy there with a mondo DSLR.  I kept checking out his lcd screen and was so jealous of the quality of his shots.  There's just no substituting for the power of a DSLR in low lighting.  This paragraph is a hint to Christine to go ahead and buy that camera you've been eyeing.

I snuck backstage for a little photo action and reminiscing

Renata was not there at the time but I found her out front a bit later

Despite my late (but very fun) night, I still had to go to work the next day.  Where is the justice I'm sure you are all asking.  But it was all worth it when I met my buddies Adam and Dejah for lunch at Joey's Smokin' BBQ.  Ostensibly I was supposed to be helping Adam out with his next steps in our Toastmasters club.  But the conversations were so energetic and entertaining that we didn't cover very much of that.  Oh well, we'll just have to try again soon.  Sound good guys?

Did you notice this is the second day in a row of BBQ for lunch?  I'll go for the trifecta on Monday.  Can't ever get enough of that stuff!  Speaking of which, I wonder when I'll next get a chance to visit my true love, Brett's?

The food made them smile despite my questionable company

When I don't have a good way to tie the post together, I go with the wacky news story ending.  That's what you get today.  It's a well-known fact that men prefer smells like bacon and grilled steak to things women's perfume and sandlewood.  Well ladies, to get your man in the mood perhaps you should pick up some White Castle slider-scented candles.  After all, it is hamburger appreciation month.

My next post will have running pictures.  Let me know in the comments if that inspires glee or dread.