hitting up the truck

A couple of months ago, Christine let me know about the MIHO Gastrotruck.

In some cities (but not Chicago), a trend has developed in which gourmet chefs bring their creations to the people in trucks.  Usually, they rent a commercial space where dishes are conceived and partially prepared.  Then they hit the road, often letting their fans know of their location or specials via Twitter.  MIHO is the first such truck in San Diego and I was excited to try it.

It comes close by my work location on Thursdays.  A couple of Thursdays back, I went with my buddies Dejah and Roby.  Having been a couple of times, I can say it's very fine food and not expensive at all...unless you do it like Roby does.

I have tried a different dish each time. (My favorite is the MIHO dog, believe it or not.)  But Roby couldn't decide and practically ordered one of everything.  I even lent him $10 so he could try it all.

Roby, preparing to buy the place out

This day I had the pulled pork sandwich.  It was fantastic.

The fried green tomato sandwich, a salad, and someone's limb

As we arrived, we bumped into another friend, Ashley, which was a nice surprise...sort of.  I knew Ashley had become a regular at the MIHO.  So calling it a surprise might be a little inaccurate.

My lunch compatriots

I will be riding my bike to work for the next few Thursdays.  So I will have to take a break from the MIHO.  But the time will come when I will return.  San Diegans, you should check this one out.