getting all civil and stuff

This morning I headed down to the San Diego courthouse for what I assumed would be my third stint on a jury since moving to California.  After all, I was selected the last two times, why would this time be any different?

The first hour or so is instructions and videos.  The best part is when a very senior yet very entertaining judge tells us how great it is to be a juror.  He recently attended his 50th law school reunion - that's how senior he is.  He said it was ok - lots of old people there.

When it was all done, we waited for our assignments..and waited.

I find it kind of interesting how people always react with dread to jury duty and talk about ways to get out of it.  I thought it wasn't so bad, interesting even.  It depends on the case you get though.  My second one was boring but my first was a doozy.  I'll tell that story in a future post.

The mailed instructions said that business causal wear is recommended.  Recommended?  Yeah, right.  I wore jeans.  Looking around I noticed that a few people were probably trying to get out of jury duty with their clothes and look.  One woman had temporary purple dye in her hair.  It looked like the kind you can just wash out.  Another woman dressed like a tart.  Either she was hoping not to be taken seriously or perhaps she just needs lots of attention.  I didn't give her any.

Having been through this before, I knew the juror lounge contained a microwave oven.  So I had brought a bag of microwave popcorn to enjoy/torture the rest of the jurors with.  Hey, they could have brought their own.  Sadly, the nearby coke machine wasn't working but there was a snack shop down the hall.  It was a tight squeeze to get in there!

the shop keeper here scolded me for taking a photo

After more waiting and reading, who showed up but my coworker, Glenn!

Hangin' with Glenn and some disturbingly large fingers

After lunch and more waiting...we were all dismissed!  I couldn't believe it!  No jury for me this time.

But, I still had a couple of hours to kill before the express buses started up.  So I headed over to Horton Plaza which I always imagine was designed by Dr. Seuss.

The B Dalton chain of bookstores is leaving malls across the country.  I visited this one on almost its last day.  It was pretty picked over so I didn't buy anything.

Then there was this store...

a whole store for brows?

I decided to pick up a little gift for Christine so I found this game store which sadly looks like it will be gone soon too.

she got a goofy cat picture calendar

Then I headed to Starbucks for a chai latte and more reading.  Some guy rushed in and demanded a refund and a new drink because he claimed there was a hair in his drink.  He proceeded to chide the employees the whole time he was there.  Sigh.  Some people just don't know...

And finally I headed home and cooked up some Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup.


Whew!  Now I'm going to go watch the Cavs!