geek jokes #2

More jokes that are funnier if you tend to the geek side of the world.

Songs in Code So much more efficient than the actual songs!

The quantum cat

My wedding cake was not nearly this cool. Though the baker did also bake Archie Griffin's cake so that's not bad.

Got a wife who likes to knit? Give her a project.

The whole of Windows 3.1 in javascript. I played minesweeper.

Humorous code estimates in the comments. Some of my favorite brief ones...
...I multiply all time estimates by pi, to account for running around in circles. ...I just ask my manager how long he's already told the client it's going to take. ...I'll throw together a script that takes in all of the project parameters as input, then [snipped] comes up with an estimate for final delivery. Then I throw out that number completely, and just multiply the time it took me to develop that script by five. This method has proven disturbingly accurate.

A picture to liven this post up: