fueling up

Last night I was all set to relax and eat some leftovers.  But Christine said no way and insisted we go to Wings n Things where we ate and watched the Cavs win game number 60 on the year.  What a woman!  And what a way to refuel my body and soul after another week on the job.

Sadly, I had to work from 9-12:30 but that's not very fun to talk about so we move on.  Earlier I had bailed from work at 3 so I tried out the Netflix's watch-movies-on-your-Playstation goodness.  I haven't seen Fletch since high school.  I approve.

Today I decided I would be fine going on a long run on only popcorn.  And a banana.  One gu later I had made it 8+ miles (longest run of the year so far).  I guess I was right.

We ran at Miramar lake today and it's always on the crowded side on weekends.  But I always enjoy the people watching.  Today I remember seeing:

  • A man's shirt that said: I am retired but still working part time as a pain in the ass
  • A cute older couple with two obese dachshunds
  • A woman running in exercise clothes and a scarf
  • A guy who went at least 4 times around (20 miles) on a handcycle
  • A teenager who is the spitting image of my musician buddy, Renata

Then in the evening we met up with Ohio friends Dan and April for dinner.  Early this morning they loaded up the fam for some San Diego vacation.  We met them for some casual mexican at Fred's Mexican Cafe.  The food refueled my 1000-calorie deficit from earlier in the day and catching up with old friends proved fuel for the soul.

The younger guy didn't make it through dinner.

On the way back to our car, we saw sights like this.

Turns out, a mass pillow fight was being staged by Horton Plaza.  I suppose I should have expected exactly that from downtown San Diego.  That refueled my...funny bone I suppose.