first training swim

Ouch.  I had my first training swim yesterday.  If it had made a sound, it would have sounded like this. (Anyone from Dayton/Cinci remember that?)

It has been a long time since I have swam laps.  Like 30 years of long time.  Still, I have this mental image of myself cruising up and down the pool...

That's not what happened yesterday.  I was hoping to swim for 45 minutes but after 5 I was super pooped.  From that point on I swam a length, waited, swam a length, waited.  It actually worked out well because I couldn't swim straight yet and I was sharing a lane with another guy.  So I waited until he was 2/3 a pool away and then started.  (I was much faster than he.)

not me

After 20 minutes, I put my tail between my legs and went home.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better.  Christine bought me some goggles so at least I'll be able to see and perhaps swim straight.

On the upside, I biked for 70 minutes today (about 17 miles).  This was my second time on the bike and was longer than my 45-minute ride on Sunday.  So that phase is right on schedule.