first times

Here I am, almost 60 years old and I had never been to the Rose Bowl.  With that statement you know not to take everything you read here too seriously.  But it is true that I had never been to the Rose Bowl.

That changed on the 1st of this year.  Since I'm only a couple of hours away I figured I'd find an unpopular matchup and drive up and find a cheap ticket.  But I never got around to it until lo and behold my Buckeyes were in this year's game.  Ohio State - Oregon is not an unpopular pair of teams but when I had a crack at some face-value tickets I knew I had to take advantage.  And now that I have a blog to post to, I figured I'd highlight some fun I found along the way.  Hopefully it's entertaining even to the non sports fans.

Our party bussed up with the local alumni which was great but getting up at 3:20am was not really.  They had coffee but I no likey so I brought a 12-pack of Coke to keep me going.

Walking to the stadium I bumped into the Ohio State Marching Band filing out of their busses.  I wondered if any of them had never seen mountains in person before.  Columbus, OH is pretty flat.

A few steps from there, I ran into Boom's dad.  Either that or a very disturbing stalker.

Here's the team in one of the team's pre-game rituals.  I love how (Christine who took all of these photos) got the abc cameraman filming it.

Speaking of "found fun," we found some Buckeye buddies who we knew from Dayton on the way to our seats.

One of the OSU band traditions is to march in to a "script Ohio."  The crowd always gets into it when a sousaphone player "dots the i" and bows.  I know it probably doesn't sound incredibly clever.  But bands have copied that concept around the world.  Penn St. likes to spell out, well, "Penn State" in block letters.  One time the visiting Stanford band (who are well-known pranksters) took the field first and spelled out "State Penn."  Ah, those collegians.

The Oregon band doesn't have the tradition of our band (or for that matter decent looking uniforms) though I'm sure they are fine players.  They did have fireworks though.

Somehow my relatives got the popcorn out of my hands and went at it like savages while they had the chance.

As the sun started to set, we started snapping pictures.  I said, "grab a picture of the scoreboard while we're still ahead!"  Luckily (spoiler alert!) it was unnecessary to rush this particular photo.

Christine also blogged about our day with a distinctly different slant and details including what we saw of the parade.

And now my blog is up and running and I've been to the Rose Bowl!  Here's to finding fun all year long!