first 10 of the year

This weekend 10 miles of running was on the schedule - my first double digit run of 2010.  Last year it was around 12 miles when the injuries started so I hope my more cross-training heavy routine prepares me for a more successful season.  Unfortunately the cross-training was derailed this week when I exhibited some "flu-like symptoms" early Monday morning.  I promise this post won't be gross.

I once asked my sister why people say he has "flu-like symptoms" instead of he has "the flu."  Turns out, there are so many bugs that lead to "flu-like symptoms" it's better to be more generic.

we like to run by trees, especially Michelle

Luckily we had some Phenergan in the house.  Phenergan knocks those nausea-tastic feelings right out.  In the process it knocks you out too.  I bet I was only awake for about 3 hours total on Monday.  I put in a DVD of Frost-Nixon at one point but can't have watched more than 5 minutes of it.  I was pretty awake for the closing credits though.  Christine turned it off just as I was getting into the score. ;-)

hills do not phase us, Jen and Mandy take the lead

Today (Tuesday) I headed back to work.  I felt normal, but hungry and still very drowsy.  Those drugs really did a number on me.  I was so hazy that I stuck to the city streets on the way in.

we don't stop for self-realization when we have 10 miles to run!

When I got in, I was immediately assaulted by people with their emergencies.  (Nothing new there.)  One guy, Casey, was especially insistent.  Only problem was, he was asking me to fix a bug in some old code that I didn't write and is particularly spaghetti-like.  (For you non-coders, disorganized and hard-to-follow.)  Trying to concentrate on it was not so easy in the state I was in.  I kept finding myself staring at the screen wondering what I had been thinking about 5 seconds ago.

Then it was off to Toastmasters and more of the same.  I tried to introduce my role of the day (I was in charge of monitoring grammar usage).  Part way through I just said, "that's all you're going to get from me" and sat down.  I'm sure the guests were impressed.

near the turnaround point, guess who was still excited to be out there!

Finally I started to feel like myself by about 3PM -- about 24 hours after my last dosage of the miracle drug.  (The benefits last only 6 hours and the sleepiness 24.  Seems like a bad deal, wouldn't you agree?)

post 10-miles I still look human... 'course for all you know I'm not

After a bit of rest I cooked.  Christine took wonderful care of me and made my down time as easy as it could be under the circumstances.  She is as helpful as a wife could be.

Still, it was nice to be able to be "the man" of the house again and provide dinner.  It was Chicken and Cashews tonight.  It's not as good as it looks but I have some ideas for next time to improve it.

I think my picture is better than Cooking Light's

Finally, I have to say I love Chopin's waltz in Ab Major.  To hear it, click the "Listen To..." link about 1 page down from my previous link.  I am going to learn that one.