finally, the legos

I have been saving LEGO links for some time now - back from before I had this blog.  My intention was to start an email distribution list but that never came to pass.

So I will post them here - the best LEGO geek-out things I've seen on the webs.  If you want to see more photos, follow the links!

Ever wonder the best way to build with LEGO in a group and have a common vocabulary?  This guy has figured it all out.

A world record, 46-foot long bridge built in LEGOs.

How about some LEGO-inspired cakes.  Many different LEGO-y nomz at the link!

A LEGO Zoo.  Alligators and monkeys together? What was he thinking!?

And finally, a computer chassis.  All LEGO.  The triple-motherboard computer specs are pretty hot too.