filling a weekend with...

Ah, Caturday.  A day to sleep in, take it easy, read a book or the paper, get outside, eat out...and run but a mere 5 miles. :-|

Yes, the race is over but the reunion "fun run" was held on Saturday.  We ran an "easy five", chit-chatted, and swapped war stories.  Since Christine and I are taking a break from distance running this is the last time I would see these folks for at least a while, maybe ever?  That seems too sad for "finding fun" so let's not dwell there.  I did have a great time catching up with Robert, Gloria, Cassey, Mike, Dan and many others.  Stay strong, my friends.  Maybe I'll be back next year.

Greg was extra excited to be in my last running photo

Thinking five miles is super short (what have I become?), I wore non-running socks and got some blisters on both feet.  Heh heh, hubris got me this time.

After cleaning up, we headed out to meet Roby and Dejah for another round of wine tasting.  We are wine newbies but they are tres experienced.  They guide us through the choices and (most likely) secretly mock our naive preferences.

If you read (and shame on you if you do not), you know we hung out with these two folks on Tuesday too.  Wow, they have had a lot of exposure to us two weirdos.  Hopefully with time and perhaps a bit of hypnosis they will be ready for us again after a little while.

line em up

BTW, Dejah also slept in on Caturday...until 6:15.  I guess I'm not the go-getter of this foursome.

our sagacious sommelier-level friends, Roby and Dejah

we all wondered what Dejah would look like with bangs

Sharing one "tasting" per couple does not a buzzed-drinker make.  When I leave there I can't even tell I've had alcohol.  But it doesn't take booze to bring out my goofiness.  The sad evidence of which can be found in most of my photos on this blog.

With that preface, here's a story... After the tasting we decided to go get a piece of cake.  It's what Caturday is made for after all!  But the rest of my party's real intention soon became clear.  They wanted to stop at a cheese shop!  Oh, the horror!

yes, horrified

Mercifully, the stay there was brief and we were off to eat cake and head home.  The rest of the day was an easy Caturday...and then I got up again early on Sunday for a bike ride.  But not as early as Dejah. :)