favorites from earth, wind & fire

I'm starting a new series.  No, I haven't forgotten about my theology series.  But in addition to in-depth writing I've got to have some light posts to keep the volume up.  So I decided to list favorite songs from some of my favorite bands.

I'll start today with Earth, Wind & Fire.  EWF is older than me as the group was founded in 1969.  If you want to know about the history of the band, wikipedia details it better than I ever could.  They still tour and I've seen them three times in the last 10 years.

Instead of perhaps bringing the wrath of the copyright enforcers out there, I will link to Grooveshark in order to give you audio.  The links will take you to a search results page.  Just click the "play" icon to the left of the song and it will be added to your playlist.  You can keep clicking more links and adding more songs to the list.  Add them all!  Let's get started...

Runnin' - as an instrumental it's not a catchy pop song but I love it.  In fact, I spent many many hours arranging this song for my high school marching band.  That's a lot of hand-written parts!

Serpentine Fire - the #1 R&B single of 1978.  Everyone knows it.  Not sure what else to say.

Magic Mind - my third selection from the fantastic All 'n All.  I suspect I've listened to this album more than any other over my lifetime.

Can't Let Go - A great example of something I love - a catchy melody over a jazzy chord progression.  The verse changes are | Bbmi7 | Eb11 | Abmi9 - Db13 | Gb9 - F7 |.  Chorus is cool but I'm not sure where my chart went.  (Note: I had to select the second search result.)

Sing a Song - songs don't get much more catchy than this.

Gratitude - Sometimes you just want to groove on one chord and this song does that as well as any.

Rock That - another instrumental.  True to it's name it drives but there's still the requisite keyboard stabs, string lines and copious horns.

Work It Out - A song from the relatively much newer Illumination album (2005).  Sounds just like the great old stuff but with more compression. :-|

Evolution Orange - (link not working as of tonight) Have to include something from the great Raise! album and this is my favorite of that set.

Biyo - (second result worked for me though it's super quiet) Another great instrumental track.

Dirty - true to its name, this song is so funky it can't be clean. It's from the band's 2003 release The Promise.