This morning I went for a run with my buddy Yaiza and in the evening I completely ruined it (calorie-wise) with a big dinner. In between those two things? Just hours of boring work so let's focus on the extremes eh?  Note: I listened to Bob and Doug recently.

Once I pull myself out of the bed, morning workouts are always a pleasure and fill me with energy the rest of the day.  Today was sunnier than it has been for many a recent morning run.  (Usually we have clouds by the coast in the mornings that are long gone by noon.)

Looking North

The waves were really nice today.  I'm surprised there are no surfers in this shot.

A missed opportunity for wave worshipers

Those pictures were taken at a little bench area which is the halfway point of the run.  We couldn't find anyone nearby to take a photo of the two of us when we stopped there.  So...

First me and my lovely morning hair

And Yaiza looking much more ninja-like than I

I was thinking of bringing my horse next time but I guess I won't.

The two of us run a similar pace and we are always able to make the time fly by.  Today we chatted about medical ethics, work, religion and of course food.  Thanks for coming out today, Yaiza!

After the hours of work, I went to dinner at Pacific Coast Grill with my department to celebrate recent accomplishments.  We IT guys (and Julie) can happily spend all day just staring at a screen so it's a good thing to force some socializing once in a while.  OK, I kid.  This department is pretty lively.  Not sales-or-marketing-lively but a reasonably outgoing and fun group.  Except me; I'm super quiet.

One side of the table...

I didn't take any food pictures but if you are in San Diego and you go to this place, I recommend the short rib sliders and truffle fries.  Both were awesome.  Sadly there was no backbacon on the menu.

...the other side.

Now I'm home and I had two goals for the evening hours - bread and blog.  The fresh bread just came out of the oven and this blog post is done.  Have a good night!