dressing up for a run

A few months ago, I stumbled across my friend Anne's blog review of the San Diego Red Dress Run.  With my affinity for wacky runs I knew I was destined to be a part of this someday! Unfortunately, I had a hard time figuring out when it occurs, how to sign up, etc.  As far as I could tell the event was a secret and I had to worm my way into a club to get invited.

Then I found out my coworker Ryan is a part of one of these clubs.  So I excitedly joined him for a couple of runs and tried to figure out how to get into the Red Dress Run.  As I asked around, it seemed that nobody had an answer for me.  But eventually, I found was I was looking for.  The run was to be on 6/18/2011 and all I needed was a member to sponsor me and I was in!

I told Anne of my plans and she bought me a red dress for my birthday.  Now all I needed to do was wait.

me and Ryan, with dresses secured. BTW, I think it's all about the purse!

The Hash House Harriers as a group are an odd fit for me.  They bill themselves as a "drinking club with a running problem."  As a non-drinker, well, it's slightly awkward.  I was still excited for the race but wondered it the event would be an out-of-hand bacchanalia that turned me off more than brought me smiles.

Now I know.  The run was way more fun than I had imagined. Right off the bat I was surprised and impressed by the all-out costumes. The "pregnant" guy was great, the "On-On" dress was a favorite and I just wish I had photos of them all.

custom made for a RDR
lineup of a group of guys

a trio of ladies tart it up with matching costumes. I'm totally doing a group costume next year

It was really a walk rather than a run but that's a good thing since we got to interact with folks on the street. It was really fun to be part of a spectacle walking around downtown with such a group.  Lots of people asked what we were doing, some took photos, and a few avoided eye contact at all costs.

hitting the streets!

The first drink check was in a parking lot. Some kind of vodka/fruit punch is my guess. I drank very little of it.  Leaving there I hung out with an older couple from Santa Barbara and a younger woman from Oceanside. They were all fun. Sadly I never saw the couple again, I wonder if they made it to the party?

At the second drink check jello shots were served - just like Anne's run of a few years back.  Unlike her I only had one.  It didn't really taste like sugar or alcohol.  But then I'm a jello shot novice.

rat tail, meet leopard tail

the jello shots made Ryan and an unknown red-dresser feel strong

From there we actually run the rest of the way to the party. The food was out immediately.  Yay, because I was so hungry. That Dumpling Inn lunch had worn off some time ago.  The dinner was surprisingly good and included red velvet cake!

There were not enough tables for everyone though. As I sat on the ground and ate a passerby admitted to me that he tried to look down my dress before he realized I was a dude.

Later the band started playing. They were good but it became too loud to talk. That's when I finally found my running buddy Katri. She was trying to tell me something but I couldn't hear her. I think she wants to go to my naming ceremony. Katri, I'll let you know when that is.

I found Katri!

most people enjoyed the band

There was a photo booth set up as well as a nice camera setup with a green screen. I watched some of that fun and even got in a couple of photo booth sessions with basically strangers.

Ryan and Monica in one of the more clean poses of the night

After a while, Monica and Ryan wanted to go to a bar with "hard liquor." I went along to escape the noise for a while. There we talked to a table full of people who were very entertained by our clothing. One guy got a free beer from his friend for slapping Ryan in the butt. And they shared their food with us.

the three of us before heading to a bar

At about 9:30 I started looking for the shuttle and that was good because it arrived a few minutes later. Made it home by 10:30 and that was that! Next year? On on!