dreamforce 2011

It's the end of August, which means...time for Dreamforce? It's been in November the last three years but this time it's moved up.  I had learned that you can upload your own badge photo. Questionable call, Salesforce since I came up with this...

But then when I arrived, my photo from last year was on the badge instead. Oh well.

the weather was clear and not san-francisco-like

That first night I met my buddy Pete at a vendor party with the band Cake. Cool, I like them. Unfortunately, they didn't like us. It was pretty clear they didn't want to be there. But it was a highlight of the trip regardless.

I have finally learned my lesson at this thing and skipped all the keynotes in favor of reading the press release later. They are always super crowded and super long. And by skipping I get to sleep in! Well I would have except the room alarm had been left set for 8am. Oh well.

the security wouldn't  let us go down the stairs (and sometimes up), escalators only

Eventually it was time for sessions where I learned a bit about node.js and a couple of cross-platform mobile toolkits. Geeky fun, those sessions were both great. I also cruised the floor and chatted with a few people and companies I know.

didn't know them but this was my favorite booth theme

Then it was off to the fifth street restaurant for a dinner with our sales rep. The dinner was fun but surprisingly I didn't think my halibut was so great. And I love halibut. I left hungry so I picked up some almonds on the way home.

setting up for Metallica. I skipped it

Before bed I unplugged the alarm clock after failing to figure out how to turn it off or change the time. And it went off anyway, battery backup. Good thing it wasn't set for 6am! Only one good session today on the java/database.com toolkit. I did love that one though. Towards the end this other audience member asked a question and he sounded just like me. I never did see that guy but it was creepy to hear him.

In the evening I met my coworkers Julie and Erik for dinner. We picked a random chinatown place and it was decent. All the restaurants looked the same so we picked one with the craziest name - something like Mr. Well Hung.  I was pretty surprised that Ms-meat-and-potatoes Julie went for such exotic fare.

some people didn't let 20+ minute lines stop them from a starbucks fix

On Friday I had three more sessions (including my favorite, meet the developers) and then headed to the airport. SFO was pretty dead, so I sailed through the lines and had 2 hours to wait until my flight. I finished my second book of the trip Why We Make Mistakes, which I loved. Then I got started on Dragon Haven. I was B-44 in the Southwest line which was a little late but I was able to put my bag up and I found an aisle seat next to a skinny guy. Unfortunately he turned out to be a hippie type and had BO!

why this sign was here is anyone's guess

After landing I bumped into an old coworker Steffen on the shuttle who was coming back from VM world. Fun!  We reminisced during the few minutes we had. Finally I got my favorite halibut sandwich at Pt Loma Seafoods for dinner. It redeemed halibut!

It is great to get back home!  And it is that I am home in time for college football!