can't win 'em all

Do you ever read my posts and think, "man, Todd sure has long and wordy posts!"  Today's will not be that way.  I have a lament, but to keep things light I will intersperse it with photos from my company's March Birthday desserts.  I like to bake and all but I am no competition for Rachel who made all of these!

My iphone is no longer jailbroken.  It happened a couple of Friday nights ago when we were in Santa Barbara.  Suddenly, the tethering stopped working, the screen said no service and the phone hung.  Soft reboots were not helpful - phone was still hung.  Eventually I figure out how to perform a hard reset and it was responsive again but still no service.  AT&T had found me out and shut me down.  How, I couldn't say.

Didn't try these - the red sleeved ones were filling-free

Once I was home again, I reset the software and I was back on the network.  Unfortunately, that means I had upgraded to OS 3.1.3 which is notoriously hard to jailbreak.  I tried but every time I did I was kicked off the network again.  Maybe if I had persisted I could have succeeded.  It might have been possible to go back to 3.1.2 and become free again but I decided it wasn't worth my time to keep trying.

Had a very small slice of this - very nice

I decided that there were three reasons I enjoyed being jailbroken.

  1. Running the forbidden Google Voice app
  2. Tethering while out of town
  3. Feeling like I'm getting over on the man

Didn't try this - not a huge red velvet fan

But how important are those three things to me really?

  1. The HTML5 Google Voice app is better than the banned app if a little slower to launch
  2. I have only tethered twice since I've owned the phone
  3. This one is sad to give up.  What fun is life if you don't occasionally get away with something? Like eating an extra churro.

My favorite - another very small slice (there was a large crowd)

So that is my lament.  I am no longer one of the cool hacker kids.  But I am plotting my next churro trip!