bring out your dough

Like most white boys with boring personalities, I like white bread.  A few weeks ago I was reading on the tubes and saw one blogger go gaga over a "5 minute" artisanal bread recipe.  Since I don't own a breadmaker I though I should give it a try.

Before I jump into the bread story, those of you who haven't done so yet should go read Christine's account of our touristy-tour of San Diego.

Back to the finding fun programming... I think the recipe makes a solid dough.  Not the best bread ever by any means but pretty good for the lack of work involved.  Let's dispel the 5-minute myth right now though.  It's a few minutes of mixing, zero minutes of kneading, a few hours of waiting, and 30 minutes of baking.

And now for the picture tour.

First, mix up all ingredients in a bowl.  This is the "five minute" part.  It's pretty forgiving.  The second time I made it I was a little short on yeast but it came out fine.  The water-flour ratio is probably more critical.

When you are done, it looks like this.  Note how little of the bowl it fills.  After an overnight wait, we get...


It's supposed to collapse but this was the batch with too little yeast.

And the finished product.  Tell me if you try it.

As it's been said, now for something completely different.  Do you like whimsical things?  If so, this is the video for you.