birthday time

That day of the year has arrived where I can celebrate myself without appearing uncouth.  Yep, my birthday was yesterday.  Even though I did not take the day off it was a fun-filled day.  In fact, work contributed to the fun at least in the morning.

It was my department's turn to feed the masses at work today (our turn comes up once a year).  Quite the coincidence, eh?  Most departments buy some bagels and call it a day. But not us, oh no, not us. (BTW, last year's feeding was also pretty fun.)  Those pancakes of a year ago were good but we had to take it to the next level this year and that could only mean one thing...breakfast burritos.

A programming note: after the photo tour of breakfast I'll give a quick overview of the nighttime festivities but skipping dinner which is covered by Christine.

I was tortured with egg duty. Ewww! Luckily the smell of the nearby sausages saved my nose.

The eggy results - 120 eggs were consumed this day, none by me.  (My guess is that 75 people came by.)  It was hard to keep a supply of cooked eggs in this heater as the masses kept coming!

Next to me was the homemade (and secret South African recipe) sausage and tortilla station. Now those I did eat.  Have you ever noticed that sausage is the universal food?  We once went to an "International Food Festival" and pretty much every tent was selling some kind of sausage.

Carlo cooking the meat-based goods. Hard to write a non-suggestive yet descriptive statement here. You readers: try and do so including the word sausage!  Sausage master? King of the sausage?  The Meaty Man?  See, it's impossible!

Some visitors putting on the finishing touches

We also had fruit, muffins, juice.

The events team plus Katie enjoy the fruits and eggs of our labors.

Christine made a fantastic card for me. Yes made it.  As in cut all the pieces and put them all together.  I don't think she had a couple extra screws as I usually do when I put things together.

After work, dinner and picking up a few groceries for Super Bowl day we headed over to the Beauty Bar to see The Northstar Session which I used to play in. Matt has since moved on to the big time in LA. They come down here every now and then and I was glad to be able to go out and catch up.

Me, looking extremely happy to see Matt

Matt's girlfriend Becky, Christine, Me.  We also met Becky's brother and his wife but did not subject them to our photo obsession.


I learned that Matt gets to Poway every couple of weeks to teach guitar lessons so we talked about meeting up for dinner or coffee sometime. I was happy to hear that because going to the show reminded me of the parts of that band I don't miss (along with those that I do).  The noise (not the band, but the too-loud-for-talking CDs), the stale air, the smoking, the late nights. I miss none of these things. Here I am the next morning and my throat is still a little bit sore from just an hour or so of yelling.

I was looking around and watching people at one point to try once again to figure out the appeal of bars but it eluded me as always. Catching up with friends is great but to me it's so much better at a coffee joint, and I don't like coffee either. But sometimes you have to go where the people are and I was certainly happy I got a chance to meet up with Matt and Becky.

OK, back to the topic at! I have no plans whatsoever today. It's going to be awesome.  I'll be cooking dinner but that's it.  I hope everyone else has a good weekend.  Until next year when I turn...some round number!