bike news

Back on my birthday, I mentioned my bike fitting.  Things seemed hopeless for your blogging hero but he did not give up.  No!  He found another shop to pay to give him another fitting!

And it was a good decision.  Shop #2 completely disagreed with shop #1 that a triathlon bike can't be a comfortable riding machine.  BTW, shop #2 charged me half as much as shop #1 for what turned out to be better advice during my fitting.

First, they recommended I get a shorter stem.  The stem connects my handlebars to the bike.  Getting a shorter one lessens the distance from where my elbows rest to my seat.  Since I have freakishly long legs and virtually no torso, shortening this distance helps the bike fit me better.  Here is an example of a stem for your visual enjoyment:

With the stem in hand, I fit the bike better.  But the comfort in the butt area was still to be addressed.  The fitting technician said the right seat will do the trick.  Except cyclists don't call them seats.  They call them "saddles."  OK, a new saddle then.

He gave me a loaner ISM Adamo Breakaway and I rode home with it.  Even halfway home I was not sure about this one.  I kept shifting from side to side, never finding a perfectly comfortable position.  But the true test was the next day.  Sure enough, I was as sore as before.  Probably even more so.

I returned a couple days later to try the next one.  I was still a little bit sore from my last ride so I hoped this would be a valid test.  Plus it was lunchtime on a weekday so the test would be a short one.  This time I tried the Cobb V-Flow.  This one seemed better.  And the next day -- no soreness!  But the ride was so short.  I wanted to be sure before I spent the big bucks.

So I planned to go back on the weekend.  In the meanwhile, I got my hands on the Garmin Edge 500 that my parents bought me for my birthday.  Ooh, geekout time is almost here!

getting ready to demo the V-Flow saddle

...and attaching the Garmin

I rode home on the Cobb and loved it.  And the next day, no soreness!  I have my saddle!  So I returned to the bike shop to return the loaner and pick up my new one...

And they were out of stock.  Sigh.  Soon.

The ride home was 18 1/2 miles.  All geeks please enjoy the Garmin data.

I haven't been riding and got pooped out, thus the slowness

I was working it!

Not sure why my heart rate was so high early, the toughest part was miles 5-7 (see the green line)

Next step...prepare a training schedule for my 66-mile race in May.