bigger, badder, and daddier

A few nights back we went to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Anthology.  (Read Christine's report.) I have always wanted to see them live.  I had a chance before when they performed at the conclusion of the 2010 San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon.  As a (half) participant, I could have gone to that show for free.  But after the race I felt more like eating a hamburger than sitting in traffic to and from Chula Vista.  So I had to wait until 2011.

We sprung for the nice seats this time with a clear view of the stage.  That means I could usually see enough of the keyboard to see what key the songs were in.  As a music geek, that makes me super happy.  Most were in Eb or Ab with the occasional G or E.  The band had 2 trumpets, 2 saxes and a trombone.  They were all strong players although the second trumpet sometimes noticeably ventured outside his strengths.

of course they wore 40s style zoot suits with spats which is fun

The show was sold out which means I was elbow-to-elbow to the next guy.  But I wasn't uncomfortable.  There was a couple sitting on the other side of Christine.  Oddly, the man kept leaving and coming back.  I wonder what deals he was making...  There was a small amount of dancing space by the stage which was finally filled towards the end of the show.  You'd think people would be all over dancing to this music.

What I love about this group is they are Big Band in style but still very accessible.  They played pretty much all upbeat songs and very few ballads.  There was the "Ballad" of Smokey Joe but it was in fact up tempo.  Their music is a mix of big band, blues, rock and dixieland.  Their next studio album is a Cab Calloway tribute FYI.

I'd see them again sometime and I'd recommend you do the same.  Oh, and while I was there I noticed Fourplay is coming in June.  Love them, I have my tickets!  If any of my 3 San Diego readers are interested in that show let me know.