beginning the baskin robbins year

On Friday, Christine and I spent the day "Whale-less Watching."  We got home around dinnertime but my fun was not yet complete.  My buddy Pete had a birthday celebration over at the indoor racetrack.  So I rushed out to get a last minute gift :-| and drove down to the Miramar area.  Oh, and the title is a reference to his age.  You all get it now, right?

Upon arriving, I met a bunch of Pete's friends for the first time.  I was frequently introduced as "the soup club founder."  Apparently that is making me famous.  And since Christine did not come, some thought it necessary to point out I, the soup chef, am not a "confirmed bachelor."

I had eaten already but a few people were eating nachos and what not.  I was not jealous.  But later Cassandra brought out the red velvet cupcakes.  I heard we were a whisker away from eating vegan cupcakes instead of the delicious ones we were enjoying.  That was close!  The non-vegan ones were a treat.  If only I could have eaten 2 or 6!

Because none of us are motorcyclers, we had to use the house helmets.  And we were given disposable "head socks" to provide a veneer of sanitation.

Brian and Athena were first to model the head socks

And soon we were called out to race!

head-socks galore. Notice how Brian is the only one to smile

a bunch of helmet heads

Then we raced, no photos of that obviously. I believe I was the slowest of the non-drivers (read: those over 16)  But I've done this before so I wasn't that intent on passing and competing.  Just taking the turns as hard as possible and sliding around.

It was a fun and unique way to enjoy a birthday.  No surprise that these fun people came up with such a great idea.

the birthday boy and his family

Pete agreed to a photo despite my ridiculous hair

My next post is #100.  I'll have to think of something good!