becca's denver wedding

On August 4th, one of my youngest cousins got married.  A report of the whole trip will follow this one but here is the photo-heavy report from the day itself.

playing the prelude, not visible is my decomposing tie

Me and the family were providing the music for Becca's wedding. We were not late to the church which was a good start and surprising for my family. I played about 20 minutes of prelude music and that was uneventful which is what you want in a wedding prelude. The ceremony was nice and I hit the right keys there too. The minister was just as smooth as he was in the rehearsal, the length was good, it was a very nice ceremony. From a music point of view,  the difficult part of the day was yet to come. Soon enough we were at the reception hall and lunch was done. Time to make some magic happen.

my angle of the bride and groom

receiving line

Well who knew. We pulled it off with aplomb. After yesterday's rehearsal I was not expecting this level of success.  So yay us!  The replacement sax player was really sharp and after the sheet music corrections completed in rehearsal everyone hung together... except for one song but I doubt many people noticed. What a nice surprise! To top it off, the bridal party brought lots of energy and danced the whole time. You never know if that will happen, especially in an afternoon reception.

my nuclear family plus aunt jan

nice shot of Becca the bride

Aaron was hoping to join us for the reception but a confluence of events kept him away. Including the release of Broncos season tickets for sale. With Peyton Manning coming to town, that caused a traffic jam right in his way. We eventually did hook up but it was after the ceremony and packing up equipment was done.

don't ruin my wedding, dad!

phew, you were just joking

competition for the bouquet

neither sister was amused by that joke

After we wound down and packed up Amy smartly asked Aaron for a local suggestion. He said, how about Papadeaux's? I wouldn't rank this place among my favorites of all time but it was easily the best food of the trip. In the appetizer round I had calamari and alligator meat. Then a huge serving of cedar-planked salmon for the main course. I got a chance to chat with Amy and Aaron along with my aunt and uncle and my other cousin's (their son's) girlfriend.

i thought we all learned that copying moves from dancing with the stars is a bad idea

an extremely rare shot of the parents dancing

lots of family, all happy because we just ate cake

aaron finally finds us

ready for some alligator!

Congratulations, Becca and Eric!