back to theology

Does anyone remember my theology series?  Just me?  OK.

Last year I wrote a couple of blog posts on religious issues and promised a series.  Or over-promised as it turns out.  It takes me a while to research, write and edit one of those posts and it is often hard to commit that kind of time.  Today I was catching up on some RSS feeds and in taking notes this post about wrote itself.  It is a bit hodgepodge as a result.

First, how have I not yet read John Polkinghorne?  He was an award-winning physicist who left the field in his 40s to go to seminary.  He's written dozens of books on science, religion, and the intersection thereof.  A couple of his books are now on my wish list.  The link is to a profile of him.

It's often reported that Americans are much more religious than say Europeans.  But is it true?  According to studies mentioned in this article, America (and Canada) are not so much more religious but rather like to portray themselves as such.  If you compare how many people say they went to service last week and actual attendance, the report is twice as high.  Apparently, we like to claim we are more religious than we are.

But maybe that will change.  More Americans are willing to say they are not religious than ever before. It's always hard to say why these things happen but this idea posited in the article was intriguing.  More than 20 years ago, it was not such a source of cognitive dissonance to consider oneself Catholic or protestant and yet be pro-choice or agree with evolutionary theory.  But with the rise of the vocal and politicized religious right, it's harder to do that anymore.  You might see the position the Evangelicals are taking publicly and say, "that's not me" and start identifying yourself differently.

One and possibly two seminary professors have lost their jobs overy evolutionary theory.  A sad story for those of us who live in both sides.  That NPR coverage includes quotes from Reasons to Believe which I am familiar with and the BioLogos Forum which I am not.  I like Reasons when they stick to astrophysics.  But even I can tell their anti-evolution platform is weak and I don't even care about the topic.  Nonetheless, they were the best org I had found in the area of harmony between science and religion so I've stuck with them.  But I'm going to check BioLogos out.  Maybe I'll like them better.

I'll finish with a fun one, the top 10 mistakes atheists make.  Keep searching out there.