and where have I been?

How has everybody been?  I've been gone for a bit with visitors in town and music projects and a crashed hard drive.  But now we're back.  In time for football season even!  This post is not about football though.

My company had another of their quarterly self-development sessions.  We've had these before.

On this day, we (among other things) took the FIRO-B personality assessment.  This test measures three dimensions of personality and I know you can't wait to see my results...

I scored very low on desired and expressed affection/companionship. In other words, I’m a male. Actually, my score was not the typically male score.  There is a nickname for my score which is the “loner.”  What do you think, is that me?  I don't think the nickname fits but after looking at what is being measured I understand it.

Have you ever been talking with someone who you don't find interesting who keeps on sharing more and more and more of their issues?  That's what was on my mind as I was answering questions like "Do you like it when people share their personal selves with you?"  My answer: only if it's an interesting person doing the sharing!  Thus the low score.

I also scored very low on desired control but very high on expressed control. In other words, I want to tell everyone else how to live their lives and don’t want anyone to tell me the same. Christine says although I don't do it with her, she has seen me behave that way.  I hope you all can forgive me. :-|

The final dimension is inclusion.  These scores are not as interesting so I'll be brief.  I scored high in desired inclusion and medium in expressed inclusion.  So I usually want to be included in social activities and I usually reciprocate in turn.

As I stated after the previous sessions, I really appreciate that my company invests in its employees this way.  I don't always get a lot out of them because I am a self-reflective person and thus the insights I get out of them are few.  But they are still fun and I always wish for others to reflect as much as I do (or more).  Remember, I like to tell you all how to live their lives? Ha!  So I love that such an effort is made to encourage this kind of activity in others.

With that, I'll sign off for tonight.  I've also started a post with a ton of self-reflection of my own so look for that in the next couple of days.