and I thought tris were hard

Last year I ran San Diego's second Krispie Kreme challenge.  It was a fun experience in many ways even if I barely managed to finish the doughnuts.  After last year's race I wasn't planning on doing it again.  But as I told others about the event, many people said they wanted to do it with me.  So I figured with friends I'm in for round two.

But when it came time to put their money where their mouths were, folks suddenly got much less brave.  Haha!  I guess I am tougher than some - especially in the stomach.  But my buddy Ryan did come out to give it a go.  And on Thursday I learned a running buddy, Becca, also signed up.

yep, ryan runs barefoot

Ryan's girlfriend Monica came out to cheer us on (in the rain) as did Christine.  It's thanks to them I have some photos.  Thanks so much, ladies! Here is Christine's account of the day.

feeling brave beforehand

There were participant introductions but they were pretty brief because of the cold.  Like last year, ultra-marathoners and ironmen were well-represented.

the guy in the black ran western states - a 100-mile race!

And we were off - through the wet ground, mud, and flowing water.  I made the first loop in 6:30 which was a little suspicious. I later heard that the route was incorrect, only 0.92 miles.

just before eating, Ryan and I feel great here!

2 miles and 13-some minutes later I grabbed my dozen.  This is where it gets nasty.

after 3 it starts to get gross

Let me explain.  When I describe this race (2 miles, 12 doughnuts, 2 miles) people think it is difficult to run after eating a dozen doughnuts.  No way!  The eating is harder by far!  After 3 doughnuts or so it gets hard to swallow.  Your body starts to rebel.  And you think it's hard to swallow then.  It gets worse.  And then worse yet.  I was consciously forcing myself to swallow on those last three.

...really gross

Both Ryan and Becca quit in the doughnut stage.  It's hard to blame them.  I barely made it.

ryan came over to tell me he was bowing out

this is about how i felt on the last three

Last year I ate a dozen in about 16:30. I think I took 25 minutes this year.

how come everyone else has finished?


A couple of times during mile three I felt like things might come back up (just like last year) but it eventually settled and running felt pretty good. This time, the course had been corrected and I ran a full 2 miles. I finished at 58 mins compared with 48 last year. Yikes! The difference was all in the eating time. Results for 2011 aren't up yet but they will be here.

still managing to smile at the end

And my second doughnut race is a wrap.  With my diminishing performance I think it is time for me to retire from the Krispie Kreme Challenge.  I still enjoy the event (minus today's rain) but I don't think I can put myself through that again.  Maybe I'll be a volunteer next year so that I can participate without the grossness.  We will see.